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Founder / CEO

Kimihiro Katsumi

Currently a senior student at Takachiho University, Faculty of Business Administration. While in high school, he visited Southeast Asia and became interested in the global economic disparities. In college, he launched an education business in the Philippines and later transferred it to a local corporation. Then, he was selected for the "Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative", a program run by the MEXT to study in Germany. There he co-founded an organic cosmetics business utilizing local products from developing countries. After returning to Japan, he interned at Patagonia Japan, Softbank, and Bizreach. Having doubts about the conventional job hunting, he proposed the idea of "ethical shukatsu (job hunting)" and founded allesgood, Inc. He lives in Kamakura and enjoys surfing. 

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Kohei Murata

Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Social Sciences. During high school and college, he was interested in poverty in developing countries. After discovering Grameen Bank, he aspired to solve social issues through business. To develop his business skills, he worked in sales and marketing at a VC firm and several startups while still in college. After graduation, he continued to gain experience at startups before joining Google in 2017. He was in charge of Biz Dev for the advertising division. In 2022, he graduated from the Graduate School of Management, Globis University with an MBA. In May of the same year, he joined allesgood, Inc, following the vision of CEO Katsumi.

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Co-founder / Product Manager

​ Riho Matsumaru

Graduated from International Christian University with a major in sociology. With an interest in food issues and climate change, she studied abroad in London through the "Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative". While studying sociology and media studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, she researched urban social issues and civic movements. She has worked on communication design for the Farmers Market at UNU, branding and web direction for a municipal park, before co-founding allesgood, Inc. Her responsibilities have ranged from the product design of ETHICAL SHUKATSU to customer success, and she is now in charge of product management. She completed the UI/UX Comprehensive + Brand Design Strategy Course at the Tokyo Designplex Institute.

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Business Manager

Shota Hani

Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University, Faculty of Economics. He studied business in Thailand as a delegate of "Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative". After returning to Japan, he launched an internship business for university students. Upon graduation, he joined Recruit Co., Ltd. and worked as a recruitment consultant for a wide range of companies, from small and medium-sized companies to large listed companies, before moving to the Business Strategy Planning Office, where he was engaged in strategic design, simulation analysis, and promotion of key products. Outside the company, he runs a life design program incorporating design thinking for young adults. Having a strong interest in social issues based on his own family experience, he decided to join allesgood Inc.

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