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Toyota Motor Corporation Leads the Way in Shaping the Future of Mobility with 'Ethical Job Hunting.

allesgood, Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kimihiro Katsumi), is proud to anounce that Toyota Motor Corporation (Headquarters: Toyota City, Aichi, President: Koji Sato), a pioneering force in shaping the future of mobility industry, has adopted "Ethical Shukatsu" as a recruiting platform to identify and connect with highly promisingnew graduates who share the same visionary aspirations.

About Ethical Shukatsu:

"Ethical Shukatsu" is a recruiting platform where recruiters can discover and source high potential students. Since its launch in May 2021, it has garnered adoption by more than100 companies in Japan and the U.S., with the number of registered users has surpassing10,000.

One of its distinguishing features is its exclusive channels for acquiring exceptional students, including collaboration with university professors and student organizations. Most students on the platform boast a track record of long-term internships, international study experiences, or involvement in founding student organizations. Furthermore, a substantial amount of new registrants join through referrals from friends or acquaintances, thus fostering a self-perpetuating cycle where talented individuals continue to introduce more high-caliber individuals to the platform.

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Background of Toyota Motor Corporation's adoption

Toyota is in the midst of a profound transformation, transitioning from being solely an automotive company to evolving into a mobility-focused company, through collaborative efforts with diverse partners. Within this framework, Toyota is actively seeking to onboard students who align with the company's philosophy and possess diverse backgrounds. Utilizing "Ethical Shukatsu," Toyota aims to engage with prospective candidates, fostering a collaborative environment where individuals from various backgrounds can work together to bring forth a new era in mobility society.

Comment from the Toyota Motor Corporation's Hiring Team

Amidst a once-in-a-century transformation, Toyota is proactively taking on a myriad of challenges to transition from being solely an automotive company to a versatile mobility-focused entity.. In our unwavering commitment to achieve carbon neutrality and broadening the scope of mobility, we are progressing collaboratively with partners spanning diverse industries and sectors.

We would be delighted if motivated students using "Ethical Shukatsu" could find resonance with Toyota's endeavors and asipirations.

Comment from Kimihiro Katsumi, CEO of Ares Good Corporation

We are honored that Toyota Motor Corporation, a globally renowned utomaker committed to sutainable societal progress, has chosen to embrace our platform, 'Ethical Shukatsu.'

Toyota Motor Corporation is renowned for its commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and rigorous technical standards. The company consistently looks toward the future, envisioning groundbreaking innovations that pave the way for the realization of a future mobility society. These qualities align seamlessly with the core vision of our platform, attracting students who share a passion for creating a positive impact on society and are dedicated to personal growth and development.

Furthermore, Toyota's commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, along with their pursuit of sustainable coexistence between humanity and the Earth, closely aligns with our overarching mission of "liberating humanity's values, creating new impacts, and making the world a better place." We have great confidence that this partnership will accelerate the discovery and nurturing of new talent while playing a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future.

With Toyota Motor Corporation's active involvement, we look forward to collectively propelling innovation and efforts towards a sustainable society, fostering the growth of emerging talents for a new era, and contributing to the development of the industry.

Profile: CEO Kimihiro Katsumi

Born in Tokyo in 1998, Kimihiro Katsumi founded allesgood, Inc. based on his own experiences with job hunting during his university students. He oversees "Ethical Shukatsu," a platform designed for Generation Z that serves as a bridge connecting high-caliber talent whot share aligned values and visions with prospective companies.The platform has gained adoption from over 100 companies, spanning major corporations, startups, and international companies in both Japan and the United States. In July 2022, allesgood raised approximately 1.5 million yen in seed financing from investors, including CyberAgent Capital, EastVentures, and global investors.

About Toyota Motor Corporation

Company Name: Toyota Motor Corporation

President: Koji Sato

Established: August 1937

Location: 1 Toyota-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

Corporate Website:

About allesgood Inc

Company Name: allesgood Inc

CEO: Kimihiro Katsumi

Established: November 2020

Location: TOC Building 6th Floor 42, Nishi-Gotanda 7-22-17, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Corporate Website:

Recruiting site:

About Ethical Shukatsu Adoption:

allesgood is actively inviting companies to join and post job opportunities on "Ethical Shukatsu." If your organization is interested, please contact us here.

*"Ethical Shukatsu" is a registered trademark of allesgood Inc.


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