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Global 100 Company SEKISUI CHEMICAL Launches Exclusive Long-Term Internships on Ethical Shukatsu

allesgood Inc. has announced that SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD., the world-leading sustainable company listed on the Global 100 for the sixth consecutive year, has begun the usage of "Ethical Shukatsu" program, a recruiting platform to match students and companies focusing on sustainability.

About Ethical Shukatsu

"Ethical Shukatsu" is a scout-type recruiting platform where carefully selected "ethical companies" working on social issues – such as climate change, diversity and inclusion, and regional development – can meet with 'talented Generation Z' who are interested in social issues and sustainability.

Since its launch in May 2021, the platform has reached 60 listed companies and 5,000 registered users.

For more information, see here.


As a company that leads sustainability, SEKISUI CHEMICAL has started using "Ethical Shukatsu" to enhance the dissemination of its sustainability initiatives while accelerating the recruitment of ambitious and excellent students.

The company also focuses on research and development and new business development to promote sustainability. Therefore, it has opened the company’s first recruitment opportunity for long-term internships in its new business development department, which is exclusively listed on Ethical Shukatsu. SEKISUI CHEMICAL is looking for applicants who can utilize the resources of the global manufacturer that operates domestically and internationally while bringing a unique perspective as a student.


Recently, we have come to realize through infectious diseases and conflicts that the survival and growth of companies are built on top of a stable society. Expectations for companies to tackle social issues are expected to increase even further in the future. Solving social issues through product and technological innovation is part of SEKISUI CHEMICAL's DNA, and we have been working on challenges such as climate change, water risks due to natural disasters, and people's health and lives for a long time. Through Ethical Shukatsu, we hope to deepen people's understanding of the realization of a sustainable society, not only through our business activities but also through talent development, technological capabilities, digital transformation, and a culture of taking on challenges. [Long-term internships for the New Business Development Department] SEKISUI CHEMICAL is now hiring long-term interns in the New Business Development Department exclusively for Ethical Shukatsu users.

We welcome applications from individuals who aspire to make a significant social impact towards promoting sustainability by utilizing the resources of a Global 100 company and who possess a high level of ambition and a spirit of challenge.

Comment from Kimihiro Katsumi, CEO of allesgood Inc.

I am very pleased that SEKISUI CHEMICAL, which invests in research and development to reduce CO2 emissions as a manufacturer and also actively promotes DE&I within the company, has started using Ethical Shukatsu. In addition to listing their company on our platform, they have set up a long-term internship program in the new business development department exclusively for Ethical Shukatsu users. We hope that job seekers who aspire to promote sustainability and personal growth can seize the opportunity to experience the excitement of driving change within a large corporation and that this collaboration will spark new initiatives towards the industry's "SX (sustainable transformation)." ■Profile Kimihiro Katsumi, Representative Director and CEO 24-year-old Generation Z entrepreneur. Fourth-year student at Takachiho University, Faculty of Business Administration. He became interested in the economic disparity between developed and developing countries during his visits to Southeast Asia when he was in high school. In his first year of university, he set up an education business in the Philippines and transferred the business to a local company. Later, he was selected for the 'Tobitate! Study Abroad Program' run by the MEXT, through which he studied business in Germany and co-founded an organic cosmetics D2C business with a German colleague, utilizing local products from developing countries. After returning to Japan, he interned at Patagonia Japan, Softbank and Bizreach, before founding allesgood Inc. in 2020.



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