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allesgood Inc. Raises $1.2M Pre-Seed Financing

Updated: Mar 18

It's a LinkedIn for Gen Z that's focused on diversity recruitment networking

allesgood Inc. announced that it has raised $1.2 million in a seed round of funding through a third-party allocation of new shares and loans with CyberAgent Capital as the lead, East Ventures, and Marui Group as the underwriters. Founded by Kimihiro Katsumi and headquartered in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, allesgood Inc. operates an online job board "BaseMe(Formerly:ETHICAL SHUKATSU)" which matches students with companies focused on sustainability, with the mission of "accelerating SX in the business sector through technology.

Background of funding

allesgood Inc. is a startup founded by a university student with a mission to accelerate sustainability transformation in the business sector. CEO Katsumi felt a sense of crisis about the low level of contribution to sustainability by Japanese corporations when he studied abroad in Germany and Costa Rica, countries considered to be environmentally advanced.

In May 2020, he launched "BaseMe" to match students with companies that focus on sustainability. Taking into account the global trend toward sustainability, we provide support for matching students with companies that are working to solve social issues.

Furthermore, 47.2% of Japanese young people responded that they are willing to work for companies that address environmental and social issues (*1). In Japan, "SDGs" are being covered in university classes, and awareness of sustainability among youth has been increasing in recent years.

This co-creation investment from investors who support allesgood's mission will make it feasible to further analyze and utilize the database of corporate sustainability information and student users’ preferences accumulated through "BaseMe" to create a comprehensive sustainability platform. WIth that database Alesgood will lead SX in industry.

(*1) Attitude survey of young people (junior high, high school, and university students nationwide) by The Japan Research Institute, Limited (conducted in May 2020)

Underwriting partners

- CyberAgent Capital

- East Ventures

- Marui Group

- Value Create

- Zero to One

*listed in no particular order

Comment from one of the investors

Barry O’Neill - Partner, Value Create

Value Create invested in allesgood because we recognize that Japan’s current graduate jobseekers represent a new generation of impact-oriented thinkers, with a global outlook and an appetite for change. This “Generation Z” are tomorrow’s change-makers, influencers, and leaders. The allesgood team truly understand GenZ and this generation’s expectations of the workplace of the ethical corporation. Many employers have a strong commitment to ESGs and DEI (diversity, equality, inclusion) but have challenges finding the right job candidates aligned with this vision. Some employers struggle with the challenge of change – to become more balanced, inclusive, and sustainable. In both cases allesgood has proven it can help.

Importantly, allesgood has demonstrated that they have the capability to capture the attention of employers, and solve a specific problem for them – how to communicate a company’s authentic commitments to diversity, sustainability, and good corporate citizenship to the GenZ job-seeker. In doing so Allesgood, through its BaseMe service has created a viable marketplace, connecting jobseekers with employers, for the greater good. As a GenZ CEO, Kimmy-san impressed us with his experience and mission, his abundance of energy, and his ability to execute and deliver on this vision. We’re really excited about allesgood’s next phase of growth, and Kimmy-san’s plan to capture an audience of young, mindful job seekers who wish to work with good companies, and make a positive impact on society, globally.

Comment from CEO Katsumi

Two years ago, when I was job hunting myself, I was unable to choose a company based on its sustainability efforts, so I came up with the idea of "BaseMe" and founded allesgood. After one year since the launch of the service, we have steadily grown our business with support from a variety of people. However, in order to achieve our mission of "accelerating SX in industry," we need to further boost the speed of our business. This fundraising is not limited to our own resources; we have received support for our mission from VCs, business companies, and other people who have a significant impact on the industrial world.

We will strive to tackle the negative structure called external diseconomies, which are not seen as economically beneficial in conventional capitalism (e.g. reduction of CO2 emissions), by utilizing technology, so that we can achieve both social and economic benefits.


Kimihiro Katsumi, CEO and founder

23 year old Generation Z entrepreneur. He is a senior at Takachiho University, Faculty of Business Administration. While in high school, he visited Southeast Asia and became interested in the global economic disparities. In college, he launched an education business in the Philippines and later transferred it to a local corporation. Then, he was selected for the "Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative", a program run by the MEXT to study in Germany. There he co-founded an organic cosmetics business utilizing local products from developing countries. After returning to Japan, he interned at Patagonia Japan, Softbank, and Bizreach. Having doubts about conventional job hunting in Japan, he proposed the idea of "BaseMe" and founded allesgood, Inc in 2020.

We are hiring!

Based in Tokyo, we drive our business with a hybrid of remote and office work.

We are currently recruiting engineers, sales people, human resources, and others who can make an immediate contribution to our business.

Click here* for recruitment information. (*In Japanese)

*Our company logo T-shirts are made of organic cotton.

*We have an office in Kamakura, which is close to the city center but still has a lot of nature and a comfortable working environment.

About BaseMe(Formerly: ETHICAL SHUKATSU)


BaseMe and is the best place to start or accelerate a career, like a LinkedIn for GenZ. no connections, experience, or luck required. Our community includes 10K+ students and young alumni from 1,500+ educational institutions, including four-year colleges, community colleges, boot camps, and 300+ minority-serving institutions. We connect emerging talent with companies. allesgood is headquartered in Tokyo with offices in San Francisco, teammates working globally.

*allesgood Inc. is currently looking for companies to be listed on "BaseMe". If you are interested, please contact us at

Toyota has started using BaseMe


Along with the fundraising, we are also pleased to announce the new management team.

While CEO Katsumi will focus on mid- to long-term management, we will further accelerate the growth of allesgood's business with Sustainability Manager Yagami, a former employee of Recruit who has also been seconded to the MEXT, Murata as CSO, and Hani as Business Manager.

Sustainability Manager

Miyuu Yagami

Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law. After joining Recruit Career and taking charge of new graduate recruiting and human resources, she was transferred to the METI. In the department for science and technology innovation policy, she was responsible for human resource measures in industry-academia collaboration. She founded ELPIS, a community for young people in the business, government, and academia to discuss and publish the changing values of youth and their future vision for 2050. She was also the secretariat of the "Young People's Working Group," the first council for young people in METI, and the "Young People's Working Group on Green Growth," a group of youth discussing carbon neutrality for the year 2050. After returning to Recruit, she was in charge of management accounting. She joined allesgood Inc. with a desire to focus on sustainability.

CSO / Chief Strategy Officer

Kohei Murata

Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Social Sciences. During high school and college, he was interested in poverty in developing countries. After discovering Grameen Bank, he aspired to solve social issues through business. To develop his business skills, he worked in sales and marketing at a VC firm and several startups while still in college. After graduation, he continued to gain experience at startups before joining Google in 2017. He was in charge of Biz Dev for the advertising division. In 2022, he graduated from the Graduate School of Management, Globis University with an MBA. In May of the same year, he joined allesgood Inc, following the vision of CEO Katsumi.

Business Manager

Shota Hani

Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University, Faculty of Economics. He studied business in Thailand as a delegate of "Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative". After returning to Japan, he launched an internship business for university students. Upon graduation, he joined Recruit Co., Ltd. and worked as a recruitment consultant for a wide range of companies, from small and medium-sized companies to large listed companies, before moving to the Business Strategy Planning Office, where he was engaged in strategic design, simulation analysis, and promotion of key products. Outside the company, he runs a life design program incorporating design thinking for young adults. Having a strong interest in social issues based on his own family experience, he decided to join allesgood Inc.

Company profile


- Company Name: allesgood Inc.

- Representative :Kimihiro Katsumi, CEO and founder

- Establishment: November 11, 2020

- Location:

  • Japan: 3-A, Cross Office Shibuya Medio, 2-11-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • US: 651 N. BROAD ST., SUITE 201, MIDDLETOWN DE 19709


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